1. Wash hands with soap and water or with hand sanitizer before touching the mask.
  2. Inspect the mask for obvious holes or tears on the front and back.
  3. Identify the top of the mask, which will contain a stiff, bendable edge intended to mold to your nose.
  4. Identify the front of the mask. Face this away from you, with the white side against your face.
  5. Follow these steps, depending on the type of mask you have:

If your mask has ear loops: Hold it by the ear loops and wrap around each ear.

If your mask has bands: Hold the mask in one hand with the nosepiece on top, allowing headbands to hang below your hands. Place the mask at the nose level and pull the top strap over to the crown of your head. Pull the bottom strap over your head to the nape of your neck. Mold the stiff edge against your nose.

If your mask has ties: Take the bottom ties, one in each hand, and tie a bow at the nape of your neck. Pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin.

To remove any mask, wash your hands first, then remove the ties behind your ears or head and dispose of immediately, without touching the mask’s surface. Wash your hands again.

  1. Mold the bendable metallic upper strip (nose bridge) to the shape of your nose by pinching and pressing down on it with your fingers.
  2. Pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin.
  3. Be sure the mask fits snugly.

USA Masks are made of non-woven fabric, at 25-50 grams per square meter in density. We use three layers of material, a melt-blown polymer (usually polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, or polyester).

The outer layer repels water, blood, and other body fluids.

The middle layer filters certain pathogens.

The inner layer absorbs moisture and sweat from exhaled air.

Multiple uses of one disposable mask are not recommended. It is best to dispose of the mask when you are done using it, using care not to touch the outer surface. If a mask becomes damp or damaged during use, it is best to replace it. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling the mask.